How to get rid of tonsil stones for good.

Published: 22nd April 2010
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Tonsilloliths can be very embarrassing as well as a great nuisance. They usually occur when a foreign particle (food mostly) gets stuck in the natural crevasses in the tonsils. This leads to the same process as how a pearl is formed from a grain of sand in an oyster, but what you get is not as nice as that.

Changing your daily oral routine can go a long way to curing bad breath and tonsil stones for good. Unfortunately this is not an ailment that is as easy to treat as taking some tablets, but treatment is available to anyone that wants it, if applied correctly.

These stones can vary in size from about the size of a marble, to the size for a grain of sand, and can be a very uncomfortable nuisance to the sufferer. Symptoms can vary with a bad breath being the most common, but can also be accompanied with a permanent white coating on the tongue and cheeks, or a permanent dry taste in the mouth. Most people who only produce small stones, would probably not even be aware of them, unless they work themselves loose, and find their way into the sufferer's mouth.

Tonsil stones or tonsilloliths (scientific name) usually lead to bad breath because of the high concentration of sulphur inside them. If you break open a tonsil stone, you will certainly know just how bad it smells. If you ever smelled a rotten egg, you will have some idea of what I am talking about.

Some people try to remove the stones by pressing it like you would a pimple, either with their fingers, or with some implement. This can be very harmful as it could lead to bleeding tonsils or gagging. If you wish to try this way, it would be best to use a sterilized, moist cotton bud, but I would not recommend it. Please note however that this is not an effective cure, but a short term gain, as more stones are sure to form again. You have to treat the condition, not the result.

If you want a sure, pain free way of getting rid of tonsil stones for good, then I would recommend a complete, professional oral hygiene kit that works toward curing the condition. I speak from experience, as I have used a kit to great effect to get rid of my own tonsilloliths.

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